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Nongshim Shin Red Super Spicy Noodles

Brand: Nongshim

Quality: 100% Halal

Flavor: Shin Red

Specialty: Super Spicy

Quantity: 5 Pieces Pack

Made In Korea

In stock
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Nongshim Shin Red Super Spicy Noodles is packed noodles specifically for overseas consumers. This pack of noodles is super spicy. It is spicy and hot in taste for the people who love to eat spicy food. It is an instant food made of noodle that is steamed, fried then dried and of soup base.



Noodles: Refined Wheat Flour, Potato Starch, Pa M Oil, Sat, Mineral I, Ins 500(1)1 Ins 501(1)), Soy Sauce, Green Tea Extract, Emulsifier (Ins 3 420))), Flavor Enhancers (Ins 621, Ins 631), Co Our (Ins 101). Soup Base: Seasoning (Hydreryzed Vegetable Protein (Contains Soy) Soy Sauce, Soybean, Refined Wheat Flour, Soybean Oil, Vegetal Oil (Co Flavor Enhancer (Ins 621 Ins 627, Ins 631), Sugar, Glucose, Emulsify (Ins 414), Com Br, Shlitase Mushroom, Color (Ins 150C), Anakin Flakes, Dned Boo boy (25%), Fined Shirtaxe Mushroom (20%), Taxtu Soy Sauce, Wheat Gluten) (20%), Dried Oat (15%), Dried Red Pepper.


Preparation and usage

Boil 3 cups (about 550ml)pf water, add noodles and all the soup packages, and cook for 4½ minutes.

Remove from heat and serve.

  • To limit sodium intake, adjust the amount of soup powder
  • Caution while cooking

Brand Message

Nongshim Co., Ltd. is a South Korean food and beverage company headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Nongshim was founded in 1965 under the name Lotte Food Industrial Company. The name was changed to Nongshim in 1978. The current logo was published in 1991, which took a form of a seed.

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